Quick Cooking : Microwave Sesame Potato

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So we begin another round of BM, I just can't tell u how much I love you valli for taking me out of my laziness and making me write for 2 weeks every month :) thanks dear.

So for the first week this time I have chosen Microwave cooking and the first post in for my own dear MEC Potato feast, sesame potato a dish I created on my own and I swear it came out one of the best aloo side dishes I have eaten so much so that mil has been asking me to make it again almost every other day these days :)


Medium sized potatoes cut into thin
4 strips
Mustard seeds
1 tsp
Jeera seeds
1 tsp
Green chillies
Sesame seeds
1 tbsp
to taste
1/2 tsp
1 tsp


  1. Par boil the cut and peeled potatoes dipped in microwave for about 4 mins.
  2. Drain and keep aside.
  3. Dry roast the sesame seeds in a microwave safe flat pan for 2 mins stirring every 30 seconds. Keep aside to cool.
  4. Take a large microwave safe bowl and heat oil in it. Add the mustard and jeera seeds and microwave on HIGH for 2 minutes.
  5. Add the green chillies and the potatoes to it and microwave for another 4 minutes.
  6. Now add the salt, turmeric and the roasted sesame seeds and microwave for another 4 mins. At this stage I actually switched on the convection mode of the microwave but normal should be fine too.
  7. Garnish with fresh coriander and enjoy with hot rotis.

And this is my first entry to MEC - Potato Feast being held by me itself, have u sent your entry yet?

This also goes to Tickling Plates - Lets Cook Sabzi for rotis

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Quick Cooking : Microwave Sesame Potato

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