AamPanna - Step by Step Recipe

I have been in Delhi for some time now, parents haven’t been keeping too well and things have been quite busy taking care of them and making the hospital rounds. Things are finally looking a tad better and I am going back home after 4 weeks, I think the longest I have stayed in mom’s house I have moved to Bangalore.

Delhi currently is brimming with early summer fruits, shahtoot aka mulbbery, yum yum yum…

The super sweet green ones and below is the other one, the red ones that are sweet with a hint of sourness.

I absolutely love with these, I think if anything makes summer bearable its the summer fruits :) and when we mention summer fruits how can we not talk about my most favourite one mango.

The mangoes are starting to come, still not the best ones but yes good enough to entice big fans likes me, not that I need any. But what’s the best at this time is the raw mango, the super sour green happiness and considering I was in Delhi summer when this was available, I bought a kg of them to make aam panna and tweeted that too (its a become almost a second nature now ;)), I got a lot of queries asking how to make panna and please post the recipe. So when I started making it I started tweeting along with it. So here is a step by step recipe post of how to make aamPanna collating the tweets.

Step 1 : peel the raw mangoes #aampanna for those who were asking how to yesterday :)http://lockerz.com/s/202673275
Step 2 : chop add about 1.5 cups water to a kg of mangoes and boil in a cooker for one whistle and 5 mins on low flame #aampanna
Step 3 : add half cup sugar to the boiled mangoes **#_aampanna_http://lockerz.com/s/202702914
Step 4 : grind the boiled mangoes to a pulp using the mixer**#_aampanna_http://lockerz.com/s/202703048
Step 5 : your **#_aampanna_ concentrate is ready, stays fine upto a week in the fridge or put in ice tray & freeze it till a month.
Step 6 : for every glass of **#_aampanna_ add 2tbsp of concentrate + 1 tsp sugar + 1/2 tsp black slat + 1/2 tsp roasted jeera + 1/2 tsp pudina.
Traditonally **#_aampanna_ was made with roasted raw mangoes over coal, the flavour of that is outstanding.
Roasting them in a oven comes pretty close too, boiling is a shortcut that is followed in most homes these days **#_aampanna_

So here is the super simple way to make a yummy yummy aampanna to beat the heat.

PS: All pictures taken with iphone while cooking, so forgive the not so great quailty.

Edited to add a better picture of the final product :)