Sin-A-Mon Express, Edition 3

Sin-A-Mon Express, Edition 3

I cannot believe that I am already writing the third edition of Sin-A-Mon Express, a once in two months feature where I try and give you a gist of what is happening in life at the blog and beyond.

The past two months have been a roller coaster ride both in terms of work and personal stuff. I saw lots of ups and down in personal life, many hospitals rounds for the elders at home along with the anxiety & stress which comes along with it. At home my mother in law and almost 90 year old granny stay with us and sometimes it is just not easy to take elder care responsibility. But we tread along, both of them honestly are good people and that is what keeps us going. Besides it gives me access to age old recipes. From sometime now, I have been thinking of recording ammamma recipes, but the process is painfully difficult at this stage. At almost 90, her hearing is not as sharp as before, she doesn't remember half the things and then there is a language problem as I barely speak telegu and always need a translator with me. I have been trying though and recording some of her recipes on this tag - ammamma's recipes. She was quite a legendary cook of the family and it will be a pity if her recipes don't see the next generation. Which is my biggest grouse with my badi mummy, that there was no one to record her legacy while she was alive. So stay tuned for more of granny's recipes making it to the blog soon. I want to slowly do it from mom's recipes too but that's step 2.

Last two months, also saw a few interesting associations and collaborations on the blog, the major one being with Kellogg's Muesli, you saw the 7-day breakfast series already and there is much more to come (click here to check all Muesli recipes), the next two months will bring more collaborations and a lot more interesting content around that. So Stay tuned.

If you follow me on twitter/instagram (and if you don't, what are you waiting for - twitter profile, instagram profile) you probably know that me, N and O are on a epic road trip right now, we are driving from Bangalore to Bhutan, you can follow all the updates from that trip on the twitter and insta accounts using the hashtag #Blore2Bhutan and as a result, you will see a lot of Bhutan updates in the next 2 months (and more).

16 days (or so), 7000 odd kms, many cities and border crossing (I have never crossed a border like that before). We hope that at the end of the trip, we wouldn't have killed each other. In case you are interested in checking out the route we are taking and other details, here is the route map.

And I am not deserting you for those 16 days, I have 5 posts scheduled for the time I am away including this one and some of them are very fun recipes.

I don't think I can let this edition end without thanking you guys and the blogging community for the support in the plagiarism issue. By standing together, the blogging community has shown immense strength and it makes me so super proud.

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And with this, until next time like always. Do send me a mail or leave a comment if you would like to see anything in particular on the blog in the coming months and don't forget to follow the blog so that you don't miss the updates

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