@185kmph to Dharmapuri

Q: How does one create a magical saturday which is usually dedicated to domestic chores?

Q: How does one create a magical Saturday which is usually dedicated to domestic chores?

A: Speed test the Cedia.

The plan was to set out at 7 am from Bangalore for Dharmapuri to experience speed in our Mitsubishi Cedia. The 2+2 dual carriageway from Hosur tenders an irresistible temptation to floor the pedal. The clock chimed 8 as the morning ablutions were completed. The Cedia rumbled to life and urged us to drive on.

We set off at a brisk pace on the Outer Ring Road from Marathahalli and meandered our way through the curvy Harlur road to hit Hosur road near the Audi showroom. We reached Hotel Renaissance at Hosur for a sumptuous breakfast. As we waited for a table, we indulged in flower photography at the hotel lawns.

We also managed to amble into a 12x10 sq ft enclosed basketball court and did a few slam dunks (ok…I sometimes exaggerate)! I was impressed that I could convert at least 80% of shots at the hoop (no, that is not an exaggeration…err, well I was standing about 6-8 feet from the hoop)...

The highway from Hosur to Krishnagiri tingled our Cedia’s taste buds and the speedometer mostly read 160 kmph. We were amazed at how much in control we felt even at this speed. 30-40 degree curves in the highway were maneuvered effortlessly without a dip in the speed. There was a trucker who suddenly decided to veer into the right-most lane with the Cedia seconds away from overtaking on a curve…..boom! I slammed the brakes and the Cedia did not waver a single degree from the curvy line it had chosen to take, and of course the ABS kicked in to reassure and encourage flooring the pedal yet again. Many a time the Cedia was revving in excess of 6000 rpm. We experienced another adrenaline rush when the Tachometer revved from 4200 rpm to about 5500 rpm in 3rd gear... We imagined being in an Evo X and the resulting ecstasy... It goes without saying that we were in no mood to plonk the gear to overdrive…

The highway from Krishnagiri to Dharmapuri got even better….relatively straighter and a little lesser traffic….175Kmph on the speedo became a reality and M’s record of 170 kmph in the Coimbatore bye-pass set in Aug 2008 was laid to rest. Well we had set our sights higher  today….180kmph on the speedo was our target….we were oozing with confidence in 170’s when the suspension was effortlessly negating the minor ups and downs….we decided to validate the official 0 to 60 and 0 to 100 of the Cedia which were 4.6 sec and 9.5 sec respectively….the best we could do was 6.1 secs and 11.2 secs… conclusion - need to learn competitive driving…average speed on reaching Krishnagiri yielded 140kmph, we went wild!!!!

The divider in most of the places revels in an abundance of yellow and other colorful flowers.

In 1 hr we reached Dharmapuri a distance of 100km from Hosur…

The drive from Krishangiri to Dharampuri is also a very picturesque drive, its a brilliant view in the sides... the paddy fields, small rocky hills, coconut trees and lakes here and there. The day being cloudy only beauty to the pictures.

We did a U-turn at Dharmapuri to be greeted by a 1 km stretch in front of us devoid of traffic. Magically we were able to touch 185kmph traffic slowed us down. The Cedia behaved rock solid even at this speed and was asking for….in 2nd gear when the pedal is floored a rev cut happens when the speedo reaches at 100kmph…

The Turquoise lake at Krishnagiri brought back memories of Tsomoriri lake in Ladak about which we have read in inflight magazines and on the net….it served to increase our determination to undertake the Delhi-Leh driving trip.

We were back in Hosur from Dharmapuri in 1hr 10minutes and the took the Attibelle route and were pleasantly surprised to see a number of International schools mushrooming enroute to Sarjapur.

Conclusion: Speed thrills, but kills! But what is the point in dying if u hv not experienced some thrills in life! So once in a while go for it! And yes remember to go for it in a Cedia to increase ur chances of coming back in one piece :)

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