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Happy Sandwiches

 Delicious vegetable grilled sandwiches served with loads of love is my idea of a perfect breakfast!
Course breads, Breakfast
Cuisine global vegetarian


  • bread slices
  • potatoes almost boiled, peeled and sliced
  • one onion sliced
  • carrot grated
  • Tomato cheese spread
  • butter to grease
  • Mayo To mix with the vegetables


  • Mix onions, carrots and capsicum along with the mayo.
  • On bread slice spread some cheese spread.
  • Line with sliced boiled potatoes, sprinkle some salt and pepper.
  • Spread some of the mayo-veggie mix on top of it.
  • Put another bread on it. Spread butter and grill it till brown.
  • Enjoy it with chilli or tomato sauce with loads of love :D


And as if this much happiness wasn't enough for me Suranga saw this pic on twitter and send me this :D
The carrots
in pieces,
nudged the
capsicum slivers,
lying nonchalantly across
the round cucumber mamis.....
as the big man
stopped the little one
from painting
butter all over....."The salt and pepper
makes me sneeze,"
said the carrot;
"but what to do ?
Atma samarpan
under a toast
pressed on our heads.
and toasted golden
is the need of the day...
The prince is making breakfast for the Queen ..."
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So did u cook something special for Mothers Day or for u served something special with love on that day?
And this is off to Breakfast Mela being held at Valli's
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!