Four Season Wine Tasting & A bloggers Meet

When I got an invite for the four season wine tasting event scheduled for a Sunday afternoon at the pool side of Royal Orchid, the first thing that came to my mind was if there is no rain the pictures were come out so lovely. Its been so long I had attempted some good day time food pictures ;) plus whats a better way to send sunday afternoon then chat with fellow bloggers, have good food and drink some wine and I think I got some decent pictures, so let me do a picture story for you. After all they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

The lone pigeon enjoying the swimming pool

and off he flew

The wine happiness

the lovely seating

Vegetable Satay

Chicken Satay

wine being poured into glasses, is there a happier feeling err may be the glass in my hand :)

Shamita explaining various wines and what goes best with them,she took us through the smelling and tasting of wine but in the end said for its upto you what works for you, its all about having a good time and I totally agree with her

The wines we tasted - The Blush or Rose, Barrique Reserve Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc

The gorgeous ring that caught my eye. One good thing about this event was the fact that we had a mix of bloggers from all genre - food, travel, photography and fashion

The apple, lettuce and feta salad demo

and the salad - it was yum though I would have liked a little more feta :)

Vegetable Satay on the grill

Chicken Satay being cooked

The making of the green curry and yes the big hotels also use the ready made green curry paste, my heart just broke in million pieces when I saw that ;)

The audience and how funny it was that there wasn't a single vegetarian in the audience which turned out to be a good thing as the green curry paste had shrimp paste in it ;)

Dhempe trying to cook and yet not leaving his glass of wine

the beautiful baby aubergines

Green curry with steamed rice

Smoked Chicken Breast with a Pomodoro Basilico Sauce

And because all good things should end with a dessert here is a chocolate and hazelnut mousse

Thank you Four Season and Ginger Claps for a Sunday afternoon well spent :)

Four Season Wine Tasting & A bloggers Meet

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