Breakfast Like a King

Is what we did when we were in Chennai particularly when we went to  Murugan Idli Shop. Chennai according to me is the land of idly dosa specially when one compares it to what you get in Bangalore. I love Bangalore but lets face it the sambhar here sucks (apologies to those who love it). When I eat here I look for places which serve Chennai kind of sambhar. So for me trip to Chennai apart from the usual relative and friend meeting is the trip to gorge on idli, dosa and tons of sambhar, the minute we started planning for a Chennai trip my mind starts parallely planning for when can I go to Murugan Idli and can I squeeze more than one visit there.

I was in Chennai for 3 days and had 2 mornings for breakfast and in my mind had planned it for both the days ;-) unfortunately the first day didnt happen as we went to the beach at 5am in the morning and were really hungry at 7am but the shop opens only at 8 so that day we had our breakfast at Hot Chips which is not too bad in itself but really can't be compared to the Murugan idli.

So the next day morning promptly at 9am, 4 hungry souls reached the shop and after a little wait grabbed a seat, I say grabbed a seat because that's what we literary did, N saw one table with banana leaves folded and declared this is where we have to sit and we all promptly plonked ourselves there, after 2 minutes came a family who had just finished eating and gone to wash their hands, had ordered coffee too, it was a totally facepalm moment I tell you. Luckily they were nice people and said they didn't want the coffee anyways and went off without us having to get up and stand in the waiting queue which was beginning to form outside.

We started with the customary idli wada, sambhar and various chutneys.

And if I say they are best idlies I have ever eaten in my life, trust me there is no exaggeration involved and this when the idlies in my house are pretty soft. But these are just melt in your mouth kind of idlies, but let me warn you addictive very addictive, like N says that you keep on eating them because one gets over before you even realise. The vada is crisp with little bit of chilli and pepper inbetween just as it should be.  The four chutneys that they were finger licking yummm, the sambhar perfect tam sambhar just rightly spiced but if you ask me for the star of the accompaniments its the podi that he serves with gingely oil, spicy smooth and totally different from what one usually gets as a podi everywhere... I wonder if he would have given me the recipe if I asked I have been dreaming about it ever since.

if u ask me I could go on and on eating the idlies if not for the other things on the menu the yummy all time favorite of everyone the masala dosa.

We also eat a plate of pongal and two plates of paniyarams between the 3.5 of us but we were in such a hurry to eat that we forgot to click pictures of them also I was afraid that one of the other two will actually hit me if I dont let me eat and keep clicking pics :P with a satisfied and very very full stomach we ordered the brilliantly tasting filter coffee and not to be missed at any cost chakra pongal (the sweet jaggery pongal) and that could have been the only way to finish the super awesome breakfast that we had.

If you are in Chennai this is certainly a place you should not miss at any cost, I guarantee you the breakfast you will always remember :)

And dear Deej this post is for you darling, not just one dosa I eat many things in your name :P.