Bake With Me - Baking Workshop A Recap

And finally Sin-A-Mon takes another big step, a step towards the dreams getting fulfilled… Yes we held our first commercial baking workshop. I have been teaching baking for sometime now to friends and have been asked many a times from a lot of people to take proper workshop. Some part of me always wanted to do that and some part of me was a little afraid as we all are when starting something new, the excited nervousness that helps us push ourselves, the excited nervousness that helps us perform well. Atleast it does to me, if you have gone through it you know what I mean :)

So with this nervousness I posted the content and the registration details of the workshop and was super surprised to see it getting full in about a week and with that the pressure was back on me to perform :D to deliver what I had promised.

So one fine Saturday morning I reached chaipatty early to get things ready for the workshop, set up my ovens, the mixers and the likes.. the participants the lovely girls who joined me in the workshop. Introductions were made and we realised that 5/7 girls are IT folks (surprise surprise ;) he he)  and we started with the introduction of material, the oven, the instruments needed etc.

Bake With Me - Baking Workshop A Recap

And post this session when loads of doubts were clarified we moved on to the hands on part. I was very clear in my mind on two things when I designed this workshop that, one that I want everyone to have hands on experience with baking and hence get over their fear of baking. Gain more confidence and go home all full of happiness… two have recipes that work 100% :)

So all through I made sure people did the baking along with me or rather I taught them standing there how to do and they did it.  We made double chocolate muffins, choco chip cookies, Chelsea buns, cheese and pepper loaf and I loved how I was able to pass my love for bread baking… atleast two of the participants have already been experimenting with the dear ingredient yeast and that makes me a very happy teacher…

Here are the results of day 1.

Bake With Me - Baking Workshop A Recap

We started the day 2 a little early and made corn chilli muffins, bran & whole wheat muffins, savory cheese bites, pineapple upside down cake, apple crumble…

Bake With Me - Baking Workshop A Recap

and after we baked it all we moved on to the frostings, whipped cream, chocolate ganache and buttercream to get over the fear of frosting.

Bake With Me - Baking Workshop A Recap
Bake With Me - Baking Workshop A Recap

the yummy almost black forest cake we made yeah yeah almost black forest because I forgot the cherries ) and I have had my learnings which will be implemented in the next classes

Bake With Me - Baking Workshop A Recap

Also made was some yummy cheesecake and apple crumble.. two of my favourite desserts.

All in all I had a great time at the workshop, sharing what I know and baking with more fun girls… This is what some of the girls had to say about the workshop.

Pallavi Puri says.

“Monica's classes are full of interaction, love for baking and enthusiasm. One shall for sure take away her infectious energy and smile. I loved every bit of the 2 day workshop and would love to be a part of similar workshops again. Thanks for the best weekend ever.”

Caroline says.

“A relaxed, fun weekend with Monika who taught us the basics of baking in her enthusiastic exuberant style. She let us get hands on and coached us as we followed her recipes and turned some beautiful looking and tasting cakes, cookies and breads. I also came away with a lot of tips and tricks about baking that you usually only learn from experience. All in all, it was a lovely time and im really glad i went!”

Chitra Prasad says.

“A fun weekend. understanding more about baking.. not just the theory alone.mixing,grating, kneading for breads, whipping cream (therapeutic :-)) and lots more. Thanks to Monika the "teacher/facilitator" and the lively set of new friends and a great setting in the form of Chaipatty . Overall a great experience”

Sunanda says.

“It was the most wonderful weekend I've had in my entire life in Bangalore so far:)”

Shruti says.

“I rarely venture into the kitchen, and hardly ever bake! So this was my first.. and Monika did not disappoint us. Read the full post here and also here

Thank you ladies for making the class special and good luck to u all for future baking experiments… and below is us the participants along with our lovely host at Chaipatty.

Bake With Me - Baking Workshop A Recap

For all pictures of the workshop check out the FB Album

For more information on baking workshops and registrations visit here : Bake With Me Workshop

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