A perfect Sunday and Some votes

A perfect Sunday and Some votes

What a Sunday I had yesterday... A day which starts with a yummilicous breakfast of palak-methi poori's with aalo sabzi, pindi chole, raita and kheer can hardly go wrong... can it ;-) and anyone who dare reminds me of my dieting and weightloss plan here can be shot dead... so beware.

Are u guys jealous enough or should I tell u what I did post that too :D :D :D I am all too excited because we took for his first ever go karting and man he enjoyed it a lot if not more than us, he surely enjoyed as much... thats N and him on a double cart... he sat through grinning for 4 laps all by himself and looked so damn adorable in that small helmet.

and then we did what should be done on a hot sunday afternoon... swimming followed by beer and which was followed by Karthik Calling Karthik... I enjoyed the movie but it left me a disturbed, a little resltess but I think they have handled the subject well and Farhan as usual is rocking in the movie.

I wish I had more of such Sunday's.... it was total bliss.

And now to spread the word and ask for the favor ;-) Avante Blog Awards voting has started and I am thrilled that I have been nominated in certain categories... though I am sad that none of the posts actually made it but heck as of now I will celebrate the nominations ;-) needless to say I need your love, support and votes :D.

So go click on the following categories and vote:

A perfect Sunday and Some votes

The Most Beautiful Header

Ojas's Blog

A perfect Sunday and Some votes

Most Intersting Sidebar

A perfect Sunday and Some votes

Most Disciplined Blogger

And the one that makes me the most proud... with a handful of posts written by N... the best travel post :D :D.

A perfect Sunday and Some votes

The Best Travel Post

Munnar by N

What are u waiting for now go vote :D.

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