Junk Food Made Healthy
All at our house love pizza and I usually buy a pizza base from market and make it at home. Some time back when I started having a regular supply of good yeast I started making the regular base at home too but I still wasn’t too happy with the fact that its all maida…
  1. Mix yeast with lukewarm water and sugar. Keep aside for about 20 minutes for fermenting (I used fresh yeast and it took only about 10 minutes to look as it is looking in the above picture)
  2. In a bowl mix all flours, salt and oats. Add the yeast mixture to the above and start the very healing kneading processu2026When I knead a bread I am actually transported to a different worldu2026 I forget all about my tensions and knead knead and knead for about 15 till till u have a nice smooth dough
  3. Finish the dough with adding the olive oil to it and kneading till it is just about mixed
  4. Cover and keep aside the dough for about an hour (pls note it will not double in size but still rise a little). Below is my dough after about an hour
  5. Divide the mixture into 5 equal parts and roll it into a round of about 1/2 inch of thickness or more if u can the pan like crust
  6. Add the pizza sauce, put some veggies or non veg of choice on top
  7. Whats a pizza without cheese so add as much cheese as u like on ur pizzau2026
  8. And bake in a preheated oven at about 180C for about 15 minutes or till done
Recipe Notes

U can also choose to blind bake the base before u put veggies for about 7 minutes or so I think next time I make this pizza I will do that so that the cheese doesn’t get overdone

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