Burger Thats Less Guilty
A burger which is healthy, with some oats and vegetables and hung curd dressing! Now, you have a healthy version of the supposed junk food! 
For the patty
For the filling
  1. Hang curd in a muslin cloth for atleast an hour so that the whey drains out. Keep aside till needed.
  2. For the patty – roast the oats in a heavy bottom pan on medium heat till light brown in color, cool and give it a stir in the mixer to get a coarse powder.
  3. Mix all the patty ingredients together well and make round (any other  shape you desire) and keep aside.
  4. Heat one tsp of olive oil in a non stick pan and shallow fry the patty one by one on both sides.
  5. Take the hung curd and add the mustard powder, dried herbs, salt and cabbage to it and mix well.
  6. Cut the burger bun into two parts and heat slightly on a pan. Add some tomato sauce or chilly sauce whichever you can handle or prefer. Place some onions on it. Put a spoon full of hung curd mixture on it and now keep the patty on top of it. Top it with another onion and/or any other vegetable you wish to.
  7. Keep the other half of the bun on top and dig in what are you waiting for 😉
Recipe Notes




And also sending this to Fast Food not Fat food, the concept of which is the same as the reason I came up with this burger :D.


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