Work with Me

Some of the work I do in the space of food is

Work with Me

1. Recipe Design : I have worked with many small and big brands to design recipes around their products. Be it an ingredient or a gadget. Some of the brands I have worked with in this regard are ITC, Philips and Fortune Foods among others

2. Menu & Kitchen Design : I help upcoming restaurants and cafes with the design of their kitchen and menu so that an optimum utilization gadgets of space is done and a well balanced ready for market menu is ready before launch. Some places I have worked with are Bak Bak Bar, Bangalore. The Big Fork, Hyderabad, The Cake Shop, Hyderabad, Gubacheez, Bangalore among others.

3. Culinary Workshops : Whether it is indulgent bakes or healthy salads or breads, I do workshops for kids as well as adults. The workshops can be conducted at Sin-A-Mon Studio as well as in collaboration with other locations and brands. The workshops have been conducted in collaboration with JW Marriott, Godrej Natures Basket, Poshvine to name a few partners. We have also done corporate workshops for brands like Puma etc.

4. Food Writing : I also write recipes and food history articles for many websites and print publications. Some of the publications I have written for are – BBC Goodfood, India Food Network, fetternity, Indian Express, Bangalore Mirror, Archana’s Kitchen among few

5. Custom Service : Open to exploring any other custom services around food that you would be interested in. In the past I have done, curating for weekly menus for an office, charting out food walk paths to name a few.

Please send me an email at [email protected]