Weekly Menu WW2616

Time to admit that I have been super lax about posting the weekly menus here, the menus are still happening and the house running on them but I have been lax and laid back on posting them here. But so many of you wrote to me saying that the weekly menus were great help and can I please bring them back that here they are. I know this week is slightly delayed but will try and get them back on track soon :)

Hope this helps. Recipe links below the picture and the printable version of the menu here

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Weekly Menu WW2616
Recipe links

Pear & Alfa Alfa Salad
Grilled Fish
Chana Dal Pulao


Apple Cinnamon Cake

Egg Bhurji
Stuffed Peas Parantha
Mutton Curry
Sundried Tomato Pasta

Green Moong Dal

Cabbage Rice

Palak Pesto

Methi Khichdi

Raw Mango & Coconut Chutney

Orange Peel Raita

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