Useful and Handy Cooking Tips

Yesterday I just mentioned on twitter that I am in a mood for some Cooking tips and a lot of people responded back saying that yes yes bring them on and than just like that I started tweeting with a hastag of #CookingTips. And than I was very touched by the response I got, people loved it and hence I thought why not post them on the blog too. Just for record sorts and also for everyone to refer later.

So here is what I tweeted.

When frying butter u can prevent it from burning by adding a little (2-3 drops) of cooking oil to it #cookingtips

Simplest way to check the freshness of eggs is to dip in salted water. fresh egg will sink and the stale float #cookingtips

To measure honey & other sweet syrups use spoon dipped in hot water and they will not stick to the spoon #cookingtips

Have left over wine from a party, freeze it in ice trays and u can use in sauces and dips later. works very well #cookingtips

Hard Cheeses like Parmesan and cheddar stay fresh for long if u wrap them in a damp cloth dipped in beer :) #cookingtips

while on cheese always replace the plastic cover u buy it in with parchment paper or butter paper before u store it #cookingtips

Shallots and garlic will peel easier if u pour hot water over them before u start peeling #cookingtips

To prevent your potatoes from sprouting store an apple with them#cookingtips

And while on apple it can also be used to ripen tomatoes faster, store apple and raw tomatoes in a paper together #cookingtips

To prevent eggs from cracking put a pinch of salt before the water starts boiling #cookingtips

And if they still crack add a little vinegar to the water to prevent further leak #cookingtips

And to prevent the black ring around the yellow of a hard boiled egg drain them ASAP and dip in cold water and peel #cookingtips

Also longer u leave the boiled egg to peel more difficult it'll be. so peel & store it will stay fine in fridge for upto 3 days #cookingtips

To get lighter scrambled eggs add a little bit of water to eggs, dont add milk it will make the eggs tough #cookingtips

An over browned garlic can sometimes add bitterness to the gravy so add it to hot oil and fry just for a min #cookingtips

Or use garlic infused oil, I love it. Warm some oil remove from stove, add garlic, leave for 10 minutes and sieve #cookingtips

To prevent an apple from browning before using keep it dipped in a lemon water (2 tsp of lemon juice + bowl of water) #cookingtips

Also if u wanna pack it for kiddie lunch u can add lemon juice & spoon of honey to the slices before packing #cookingtips

While grating cheese spray the grater with non stick cooking spray To keep cheese from sticking to the grater #cookingtips

To take out the smell from burnt rice put a slice of white bread in the rice pot & the bread will absorb all the smell #CookingTips

Always store the butter wrapped in a butter paper it picks up smells very easily #CookingTips

Contrary to the popular belief never salt ur meat before cooking it will make it tougher, marinate but w/o salt #CookingTips

Cook ur green leafy veggies uncovered and they will retain their lovely color #CookingTips

When using canned stuff always empty the can if u have something left pour it into a bowl & store an open can will rust #CookingTips

Now this one I think is most used & needed in my house - to get rid of odors & germs on ur chopping board rub with a lemon#CookingTips

Greens veggies store the best if u chop the lower stems and wrap them in aluminum foil and keep in fridge #CookingTips

To cook the perfect pasta, boil it in salted water, drain and wash well and then add some drops of olive oil to the same #CookingTips

The last one works for noodles too :) #CookingTips

I am thinking of making it a regular feature there and may be will also keep posting here now and than... also I am doing a #BakingTips today and will post them here tmrw :)

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