The year that went by and the year to come

The year that went by has been very nice in matters concerning the kitchen, acting as a SAHM gave me more time and oppurtunties to cook which is something I have always enjoyed The highlight of the last year most certainly has been the baking course that I did from Institute of Baking and Cake Art, most of the things I learnt were the things I knew anyways but the course added a whole new dimension to my hobby, it pushed it to the forefront, It also enhanced my skills very much. Loved every bit of the time I spent there - the folding, the kneading, the whipping, the creaming... simply amazing :)

 It also introduced me to a lot of technical things which I am very happy about. Another highlight of the year was baking my first ever yeast bread... I had tried multiple times before and failed so when this year I was actually able to make soft and nice dinner rolls, I was on seventh heaven :D 

I am now no more scared of the yeast monster, be it Cheese Croissants or Doughnuts and many more breads I made in this year :) I also loved the way I craved and innovated for healthy food - the green oat cutlets, sprouts dhokla and oats dosa and not to forget the oats idly, samosas that were baked instead of frying And how can I forget that lovely Trans continental baking  we did with the Chocolate Mud Cake, man we were all behaving like kids :) It was a brilliant year in the kitchen and my most favorite 5 recipes of the year on the blog would probably be:

Chola Bhatura - not that there is something innovative in that but all good recipes need not be innovative, this is one of my favorite guilt inducing food and its my personal guarantee that this recipe will work :)

Apple Pie with a Twist - I love apple pie and when it came in a puff pastry form it was even yummier.

Masala Chilli cookies - After the sweet overdose in baking these came as a perfect relief... yummy soft and spicy just as I like them.

Onion Vetha Kazhambu - latest but still one which is very close to my heart :)

A mother's Delight - power packed muffins, goodness in every bite.

And now that we have had a good luck at the past year, time to plan the next? So following are the resolutions or my wishlist related to cooking for next year... hoping I can fulfill it.

Make my own Pasta - yes I wanna make my own pasta from scratch, may be a ravioli or any other form.

To be able to bake those lovely melt in the mouth macroons, stuffed with some cream in the middle I can almost feel the tasted when I think of it.

The year that went by and the year to come

To bake a Buche de Noel aka Yule Log - I know its something similar to Choco Walnut swiss roll I made this year but I want to do it in all its glory.

**To bake and assemble a ginger bread house.

The year that went by and the year to come

To make momo's or dumplings - yes funny as it sounds I have never made them, though I love to eat them... so this year I want to make some good chicken momos ok veg will also do but I prefer chicken here :D.

The year that went by and the year to come

Make a pickle at home from scratch - mango, lemon, chilli or mixed havent thought about it yet... but its in the list for sure.

The year that went by and the year to come

To try and participate in every Indian Cooking Challenge, that will take care of learning 12 Indian dishes ;-)

Wanna learn how to make a sizzler.

The year that went by and the year to come

I don't know whether I want to put this one in this year or next, but anyways will put it here and see... I wanna publish my own cookbook - a ebook to start with.... with some of my signature recipes, I have an idea running in my mind which probably I will share on the blog as it matures a bit more.

Phew lets see how much I can achieve... so how was your kitchen year and have you planned the next yet? I am sending this to the lovely event Srivalli is hosting Best of Year 2010

The year that went by and the year to come

PS:  All images courtesy google and the respective sources.

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