Sin-A-Mon Express Edition 1, 2016 

Starting a new series on the blog today, Sin-A-Mon Express. Once in a two months, bringing to you what happened and what to look forward to. Click to know what exciting things are in store for March and April

Sin-A-Mon Express Edition 1, 2016

I have been thinking of doing regular recap and what to look forward posts on the blog for a long long time but like in all things in life I procrastinate more than I do but then Rhicha's Inside My food story and Nandita's Saffron Trial Digest pushed me out of my default mode to take action, like Nandita said in her post today blogging and the networks I have formed around it is almost as precious as the blog and the career that came out of it.

So starting today, every alternate 1st of the month I will bring to you the Sin-A-Mon Express sharing a few thoughts on what happened in the past two months and what is in store for the next two months, ya I know I am assuming you are interested in the stuff I do to read this, after all you loyal readers keep coming back for a reason and I love you all for that.

In my 11 years of blogging and 5 years of food blogging, this year has probably seen me putting the most dedicated efforts into it. I have always been a on the whim blogger, post many things one month and then just forget about the blog till motivation strikes again but mid last year something changed there, the dedication to the blog just increased and this year thanks to Shruthi's awesome blog planner (check out here if you want to buy), I am even planning my month and the posts around it. This is huge for someone who is essentially impulse based in everything else in life.

January and Feb had me sharing 20 recipes, some of which were kitchen essentials and basics, regular weekly menus with a post that got a lot of love yesterday on tips for smooth weekly planning, couple of travel posts, and a few articles on things around the kitchen basics and more. And if your feedback is to anything to go buy, the kitchen basics posts are loved a lot. So in the coming two months, you will see a lot more stuff around the kitchen basics, how to's, why's and where's. If there is something specific you would like to know about, do leave a comment here, connect on twitter, instagram or Facebook and I will try to include that stuff in here.

Also Summer is here full blown and March will focus on many summer recipes, Salads, Smoothies, Easy to digest and cook summer meals. This year also got me started on #52CookBookPact and you will continue to see the love of cook books shine here. The garden is flourishing touchwood so there will be a lot of Garden to Plate posts as well.

Sin-A-Mon Express Edition 1, 2016

One thing I have slacked on in the past two months are restaurant reviews around Bangalore and more, eating out travel updates. So many of them pending - Nimessire, Horn Ok Please,  travel to Kerala, Kairakudi and more. So these are a few things you must come back here for :)

Sin-A-Mon Express Edition 1, 2016

And behold because I have something special planned for you in April, something that I started but never completed last year errrr, yes I know I know but I told you this year is seeing a renewed dedication to blogging which I never did earlier. In April we will bring back the A-Z of Baking as a part of the larger A-Z April Blogging (check details here and sign up if you would like to challenge yourself bloggers)

Sin-A-Mon Express Edition 1, 2016

Personally and professionally, the past two months have been a challenge. The health took a beating and saw me dappling with a 3-month long horrible cough which finally got diagnosed and is being treated with some super strong medications, hopefully this will be the end of the health problems for this year. Professionally, the challenges were much more positive, new brands, new projects some exciting but fairly easy and some challenging every ounce of my knowledge which is what gives me a kick in the end and keeps me going at this. I also took a plunge and signed up for a paid course on couresra run by the Northwestern University on Social Media Marketing, which is giving me more insights on the world I spend a lot of time in and hopefully broaden & strength the existing professional sphere.

So this is it from the Sin-A-Mon Express edition one, stay tuned for loads of posts and tell me how did is your year ago.

Until next time, be good my readers and click on the follow button on the bottom right if you haven't already

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