Menu of the Week 26th October 

We are just about recovering from a happy Dusherha celebrations and a week of indulgence, this week we have decided to take it easy. We are totally cutting sugar and going easy on carbs. Most places you see roti and rice it's mostly for the child and mother in law wheres me and N have the salad, sabji, dal and protein being served. Here is the menu for this week 

Menu of the Week 26th October

Some of the recipes used in this week's menu are 

Dry Dal

Palak Chicken 

Rui Macher Jhol (Bengali Style Fish Curry)

Cabbage Cheese Parantha

Broccoli, Chilli & Garlic Rice

Khichdi (replace methi leaves with palak) 

Ragi Vermicilli

Green Chutney

Chicken Saaru


This is also a very busy week with a consulting assignment at it's peak which means I am out of house very often and hence cooking everything on the same day and hence I did a lot of prep on Sunday before the weekly madness started. Here is what you can do which can help to have the week run smoothly 

Chop spinach and store. Boil and puree some for the curry 

Chop, grill and store vegetables for pasta in an airtight container 

Chop, par boil or steam vegetables for vermicilli and store in an airtight container

Make green chutney and store in a clean, airtight bottle 

Make pesto and store in a clean, airtight bottle 

Grate cheese and freeze in an airtight container

Let me know if this was of help and if there is anything else you would like to see in my weekly menu posts 

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