Give your Day a kickstart

I personally think (and its proven as well) that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A good healthy and nutritious breakfast, half the problems are solved :) So this Friday let me focus on some yummy and nutritious breakfasts... yeah yeah u got it right, I am posting multiple recipes here. There are so many recipes I want to post and so little Fridays ;-)

Sprouts Dhokla.

Sprouts is a food whose goodness has been emphasized on this blog too often ;) I love sprouts in any form and the fact that they are yummilicous too adds to it. Also sprouts have a distinct flavor that suddenly gives any dish a pep up. I saw this sprouts dhokla recipe in one of the magazines (I think Food lovers) long long back and since then I have been making this at home quite often. Easy, yummy, healthy and low cal.... Can we ask for anything else ?

Green Oat Cakes.

or in simple language pan fried oat cutlets ;-)

Oats is such a healthy grain. I simply love it (atleast in my mind I think I should love it ;-) ) but none in my house even touches the oats porridge however tasty I make it by adding fruits, dry fruits, anything... everyone refuses to touch it. :( So I am on the constant lookout of Oats recipes... and when I stumbled upon this one yes yes Nita Mehta's book again (gosh I have fallen in love with her... her recipes always always work) I was delighted... and when I made it the MNO household was delighted too... the servings for 4 was polished off by 2.5 of us in 10 minutes :D.

Give your Day a kickstart

And while we are at oats one of my favorite breakfasts.. oats dosa or crepe whatever u want to call it ;-)

Oats Dosa.

Give your Day a kickstart
Give your Day a kickstart

So what tell me what are your favorite breakfast recipes?

And on a side note one item has been ticked in my wishlist... I got a Canon SX 200IS yesterday and I have been supremely happy till now... hopefully u guys will get better food pics now, from such a long time the only camera I had was my cellphone one.

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