• Corn and Paneer Samosa

    Corn and Paneer Samosa

    Samosa's are a snack I go weak in my knees for, all forms. The delhi masala aloo one or the one that my grandma used to get from old delhi ...

  • My grandma's Nankhatai Recipe

    My grandma's Nankhatai Recipe

    Nankhatai is the Indian equivalent to the shortcrust biscuit. I have always been in love with them, the round thick ones you get at the bakeries round the corner. The ...

  • Phiki (saltless) Mathri Recipe

    Phiki (saltless) Mathri Recipe

    Train journeys remind me of two things aloo poori and mathi-achar. The pheki (salt less) mathri fried to crisp perfection is one of my favorite North Indian snacks specially when ...