Chicken Fries by Burger King

I am a die hard romantic and a harcore movie buff. Though I like to watch most movies (apart from the ones that are too violent) my favorite kind of movies are the romantic ones, yes yes you can go ahead and mock me if you want. But tell me what is not to love in a movie about love in first sight, about a relationship that grows with each meeting, what is not to love when two different people meet and turn it into something so beautiful. I know I know it all seems to good to be true and you can say that this is all good on screen, reality is different BUT what if I tell you someone is making a lot of it come true. Shocked? Surprised? I was too.

Burger King is turning onscreen romantic magic into reality, Taking two different things and making love at first sight errr bite :) Burger King has brought together another love of mine “French Fries” with wait for it “Chicken”. Who would have imagined that these two could ever be together? That these two could indeed form a love story and marriage? I never did. Till I took the first bite. My dear friends, it is time to introduce the new star in the market. The “Chicken Fries” by Burger King.

Chicken Fries by Burger King

The Chicken Fries has been available in the International market for sometime and now is ready to spread its love magic in India, and apart from what little I told you about this amazing love story, the complete and absolutely adorable story must not be missed. Catch it on chickenfrieslove

After I read that story, I could not resist to replay the story in real life and got myself some Chicken Fries from the nearest Burger King (BTW they deliver via Swiggy, so it is a love story that can come true anywhere, even in the comfort of your couch, well well I didn’t mean anything naughty ok) and experienced the love in first bite. I was expecting a nuggets but they were not. I was expecting a patty like texture but it was not. Crunchy from outside and so tender from inside, it truly has no comparison french fries & chicken who are in love. Go experience yourself and that too at a price of Rs 79/- only. Too good to be true isn’t it? Take my words for it, this love story has a happy ending. A happily ever after

PS: This post is brought to you in association with Burger King but the views are strictly mine

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