Chef's Table : BBQ Friday's at Alila

I love Fridays, I love BBQ, I love drinks and I love my fellow CAL Table bloggers.

Yes and when all this comes together how can I say no. Couple of Fridays ago (yes I realise I am late yet again) I trotted to Alila in Whitefield all the way from Peenya (why you ask, now that is another blog post all-together) to attend the CAL Bloggers table being hosted there.

Chef's Table : BBQ Friday's at Alila

setting the mood of the evening

We started the evening well with what else but drinks. Drinks for me were a mix bag, the gorgeous looking Watermelon Martini served in a glass that stole my heart was alas not too great, however the Frozen Peach Daiquiris _was beyond excellence, the _Pina Colada which I generally find a bit too sweet for my taste was well balanced too. Another drink that was made on request was the Strawberry & Chilli Martini had lovely notes of both, the sweetness of the strawberry and the after heat of the chilli for me it was a winner, couple of other drinks like Mojito's etc failed to make much mark that day.

The food was interestingly split into multiple grill stations like Vegetarian, Western, Arabic, Tandoor and Dessert. The variety that was presented in each of the stations according to me was good and more than being good was a tad different than the standard fare apart from the vegetarian stuff, yes vegetarian BBQ is limited when compared to the non veg options but still in my opinion one can do so much more with it instead of the standard corn and the likes though I did some sweet potato on the grill too.

Chef's Table : BBQ Friday's at Alila

The meat options however were great, I loved loved The Grilled Sardines, crisp and nicely done with harrisa adding the punch, I did go back for many helpings. The other surprise at the Arabic counter was the missing Sharwama, smart move I think. There was a tandoor counter which had indian grills, I did try some stuff from there too and it was done well, just that for some strange reason Indian is not my thing when I go out for eating these days.

Chef's Table : BBQ Friday's at Alila

No surprises for guessing the counter that I kept going back to, the Western grill counter. They had some fabulous stuff being grilled there, beef steaks, sausages, lamb chops and fish cakes were the few I tried. The sausages were very passable though everything else was very good. Lamb Chops had a beautiful marination with Hoisin sauce and the fish cakes they absolutely were spot on, what a punch of flavour and not too floury too.

Chef's Table : BBQ Friday's at Alila

For the desserts they had malpuas (which are one of my favorite Indian desserts) and some grilled fruits along with grilled muffin and some inhouse preserves. The grilled muffins left me a bit baffled, I mean they weren't looking very moist in the first place and then you go ahead and grill so I gave them a skip and stuck to malpua with the preserves. Good stuff it though nothing was grilled in it.

Chef's Table : BBQ Friday's at Alila

All in all I think a great way to spend Friday evenings with BBQ food without having to go through the hassle of setting up the grill and at Rs 1199/- I think its a great offering.


Varthur Main Road,



Bangalore 560066.

Cost: Rs.1199/ - All inclusive for Friday Night Barbeque.

Parking: Valet Available.

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