BongMom Cookbook Review and a giveaway

BongMom Cookbook Review and a chance to win her book as well

BongMom Cookbook Review and a giveaway

I have been an ardent follower of Sandeepa's blog - BongMom Cookbook, so I was excited when the book was getting launched but also very apprehensive because the last few cookbooks to come out of India have kind of disappointed me. Also I hate cookbooks but I love food books, yes really I mean who wants to read a book which has recipe after recipe on each page.

I might as well go to google and search the recipe I want. Why would I want to give a book a space in my house for that, not that this means I don't own cookbooks, I do and many of them but the number of cookbooks I have bought overtime has been steadily decreasing and I hardly see myselfreferringto the ones I have at home, food books they are a different matter altogether. I love reading them and get lost in the stories behind food, the science behind, just last week I ordered food books worth 5K from flipkart sale, but I digress as usual. Anyways, I love her blog so much that I had kept myapprehensionsaside and started reading it as soon as it arrived at my doorstep, the excitement that it's a book for a fellow blogger and someone you know was just adding to the excitement.

BongMom Cookbook Review and a giveaway

Begun Bhaja

And the blog is all that her blog is and more, warm, friendly and nonpretentious. The book flows in a way her cooking life and skills have and in a way could be called her "cooking-biography" (yes I know I made that up, but let's admit it, it does sound cool). The book starts with fond memories of her childhood, to which she keeps coming back through the book and she does it so effortlessly, some of the best writers fail in taking the user back and forth in time but Sandeepa manages it and withfinesse. So one moment you could be reading about her aloo posto with mushrooms in New York and next moment and about the elaborate bengali lunch her mom used to make every day in Calcutta and yet feel at home in both the places.

BongMom Cookbook Review and a giveaway

Kosha Mangsho made from a recipe from her book, every spoonful was licked clean in our house

The narrative style and language of the book will remind you of her blog if you are a regular reader, I found comfort in that and for a new reader it shouldn't matter anyways. There are moments that will make you chuckle and I am sure Bengalis will relate to it even more. For the book was a great insight in a bengali household, their lunches and their dinners and their breakfasts and the life around them. Essentially her book is stories, stories about two bengali household one based in New York and another based in Calcutta and tied through Sandeepa herself and in between these stories there are recipes that work like magic. I have already tried some of them as you can see.

BongMom Cookbook Review and a giveaway

Everyday masoor dal, the panch phoran in this gave such beautiful flavour to itAll in all, Irecommendedthis book to everyone, the best Indian food book I have read in a long long time. And guess what I have surprise for you all. I am giving away a copy of this book to my readers and you could be the one winning this copy. Just reply to the following question in comments and you could be a part of the random draw and win a copy.

What is your favorite bengali dish? Or what is the bengali dish that fascinates you most?

I will tell you what fascinates me most, its the shukto. For some strange reason since I have read this book (and even before) I have a strong desire to master the shukto, yes radhuni has been ordered and shukto will be tried soon. Till then you tell what do you like or are fascinated by the most.

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