Blast from the past : Photo Memory

So the marathon bloggers are all blogging about the same thing today, "Blast from the past : Photo Memory" When I was going through some of my old pictures, there were many I wanted to write about. Many that tugged my heart and since yesterday was my son's birthday most of them were the ones involving him. But then suddenly I chanced about this picture and realised I never did write about this in my blog.

Blast from the past : Photo Memory

I think in Feb 2012 (correct me if I am wrong Ruth, it just feels so long ;)) I got a mail from Explocity Bangalore that they are hosting King of Chef's again (they had done it in 2011 also) and this time they have included a special award "Independent Food Critic Award" and whether I would like to be a part of the judging panel. Frankly I read the mail 3 times to confirm if I have got it correct, I mean the people I was going to judge were all established chefs.... A little about Kind of Chef's incase you aren't aware -

King of Chefs - the curtain raiser of The Kingfisher Explocity Restaurant Week Bangalore 2012; 16 top chefs from leading hotels (basically most 5 stars of the city) compete against each other in a masterchef kind of format. There were two rounds - the first one they had to cook Eggs Benedict and the second round was an innovation round where the primary ingredients if I can remember were chicken, green apples, chocolate and wine.

I have attended many events but this was something, it will always be close to my heart and remain in my memory forever. After all its not always that so many chef's are fussing around to impress you, what say Ruth :)

My fellow judges were - Ruth, Mayur, Candice and Milan.

You can see more pictures here

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