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So sometime back when we did Cooking tips a lot of people asked me for some baking tips on twitter as well as on mail so here is the copy paste of my twitter time line #BakingTips I did today.

First and foremost its very important to preheat the oven just on the oven at the specified temp for 10 mins #BakingTips.

if you are using a OTG at home heating at 10C more than required reverting it to the required temp while baking works ideal #BakingTips.

When making muffins don't I repeat DONT overmix the batter u will get hard and tough muffins #BakingTips.

Before starting to make the batter/dough for baking always make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature #BakingTips.

Always seive the flour baking powder together, it aerates the mixture + lets u remove the lumps double win #BakingTips.

If the recipe asks for grilling always leave the over done slightly open a close door will result in baking of the veggie/meat #BakingTips.

Want to keep baked goodies fresh longer keep a piece of small bread in the jar u store ur cookies it will absorb the moisture #BakingTips.

while using muffin tray, dont have enough batter to fill all of them, fill the empty ones with water will ensure uniform baking #BakingTips.

According to my exp Cookies are always best baked in the lower most rack though some people believe otherwise :) #BakingTips.

watch out your cookie while baking, it doesnt take more than 8 mins or so and 1 minute is the diff between a crisp a burnt one #BakingTips.

Dont have self raising flour make ur own - 2 1/2 tsp of baking pwd for 225gms of flour and its ready #BakingTips.

If u are adding dried fruit to cake or bread batter coat it with plain flour and it will not sink to the bottom of the cake #BakingTips.

Reduce the oven temperature by 25° when using glass or dark color baking dishes #BakingTips.

Always grease and dust the pan well before baking, too much flour-oil will give a strange taste whereas less will make it stick #BakingTips.

Also if baking a chocolate cake dust the baking tin with cocca powder rather than flour #BakingTips.

Baking is a half science half art DONT experiment with andaaza measure all your ingredients #BakingTips.

To speed up the softening of cold butter thinly slice it and let stand for about 10 minutes over a bowl of warm water #BakingTips.

To make sure the cake comes out clean out of the tin wait for it to completely cool down I know its tough but required :) #BakingTips.

When whipping cream for the frosting of the cake make sure the bowl the beater blade and ofcourse the cream is chilled #BakingTips.

It will bring it to the firm peks level faster. also dont overbeat it stop just when firm peaks are starting to get formed #BakingTips.

For making Chocolate whipped cream - add 2 tbspn of coca + 2 tbspn of icing sugar + 1 cup of whipping cream whip as usual #BakingTips.

For making Coffee Whipped cream add 2 tbspn of strong coffee decotion to 1 cup of whipping cream whip as usual #BakingTips.

Never ever open the oven door for the first 10 mins when baking a cake/muffin it will sink after 10 mins its ur choice :) #BakingTips.

While we are talking about whipping lets talk about whipping eggs.. yes getting the meringue right its a art which can be learnt #BakingTips.

1\. Always use fresh egg whites for making #meringue old egg whites will collage when u fold other ingredients #BakingTips.

2\. Seperate white yellow very well NEVER EVER let a yellow come in the white portion while making a #meringue #BakingTips.

3\. There should be no water or moisture in the bowl in which u are beating eggs for making #meringue #BakingTips.

4\. Add a pinhc or salt/vinegar to the eggs before u start beating beat just till foamy. dont overbeat #meringue #BakingTips.

Mixing of fat (butter/oil etc) with sugar can be done in various ways in baking - rubbing, creaming and whipping are the main #BakingTips.

Rubbing - chilled fat is mixed into sugar to form a breadcumbs like mixture, used for breads and cookies more #BakingTips.

Creaming - cream fat on the kitchen counter in circular motion till soft, add sugar slowly and continue creaming #BakingTips.

Never full the baking dish to the full leave, fill it 2/3 and leave some space for the cake to rise #BakingTips.

When baking cookies always line the baking tray with butter paper or parchment paper #BakingTips.

Always bake the cake in the center rack of the oven #BakingTips.

Cool baked goodies on the wire rack else the moisture from the bottom makes it soggy #BakingTips.

In baking folding is a very important technique, its designed to combine ingredients without knocking air out of the mixture #BakingTips.

  • Rubber spatulas work the best, always add the lighter mixture to the heavier mixture while folding #BakingTips.
  • In a single action, run the spatula around the side, then along the base, of the bowl. Now fold the mixture over onto itself #BakingTips.
  • Rotate the bowl 90°. Repeat until just combined. #BakingTips.

PS : I also added a page called Tips and Tricks of the trade and I will be adding these tips there from here on.

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